Track your important things in a pleasant way

Fast, easy and lovely.


Just put a list of important things and when you curious of how many days since you last did them, just launch last time and see the days passed in one glance


You can set reminder to run daily, weekly or monthly at any specific time, so you won't miss a single thing.


When you accomplish your task the day counter will be reset and detail of what and when you did that will be keep in History view.


Integrated with Facebook. Easily share any of your events and the days to your Facebook wall.

You won't forget a thing

Design to make it as simple as possible, but yet useful for record and keep track important things in your life.

  • Add a thing

    Put any things important to you and know exactly when you last did something. Customize both icon and background your ways.

  • One touch away from any actions

    Mark as done, add note, and share to Facebook.

  • History

    Browse any events beautifully and get some stats of how often did you do the event.

Let Last time track and remind your important things.

Missing to-do list and reminder you are looking for.

Track your important things

  • Last time you visited your parents.
  • Last time you saw the dentist.
  • Last vacation.
  • Last time you hang out with your friends.
  • Last time you read a good book.
  • Last toothbrush changed.

Or thing you don't want to do or want to quit

  • Smoking
  • Hang out with your friends (in case its too often)

Anything you can think of, Last time is flexible enough to suit your needs

  • Keep track

    Add any things and start tracking. Instantly see how long you did somethings with a day counter.

  • Ease of use

    Just one tap away from any actions, mark as done, take note and share.

  • History

    All history are kept and editable.

  • Filter

    You can choose to see only events that you didn't do for a long time.

  • Customizable

    Customize icon and background your ways.

  • Reminder

    You won't forget to check the app with custom reminder.